October 5 Wednesday

  8:00          Registration (2:00)

10:00          Opening Ceremony Conference hall (1:00)

Senator, Rector of Samarkand State University, Rustam Ibragimovich Khalmuradov (8 min);
Rector of Samarkand State Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute, Chidem Janbay Turkyilmaz (8 min);
Rector of Tashkent Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute, Erchan Kahya (8 min);
Chairman of V CACSMGE, Askar Khasanov (8 min) (Moderator);
Past ISSMGE VP Asia, Eun Chul Shin (8 min);
President of Siberian GS, Leonid Viktorovich Nuzhdin (8 min);
President KazGS, Askar Zhussupbekov (8 min);
Associate Professor NIIOSP, Farshed Zekhniev (8 min).

Conference hall
Chair: Leonid Nuzhdin
(Russia) Cochair: Askar Zhussupbekov (Kazakhstan)

11:00          Keynote Lecture Analysis of the theories of soil strength and recommendations for their improvement. Prof. Askar Khasanov (Uzbekistan) 0:20

11:20          Coffee break (0:20)

Conference hall
Chair: Eun Chul Shin (South Korea) Cochair: Wei Wu (Austria)

11:40          Keynote Lecture Examples in Geotechnical Practice. Madhav Madhira (India) 0:40
12:20          Keynote Lecture Methods of testing piles of Megastructures on problematical soil grounds of Kazakhstan. Askar Zhussupbekov (Kazakhstan) 0:20
12:40          Keynote Lecture Comparative analysis of the method of calculating the settlements of the foundations according to the field soils tests by a wedging dilatometer Leonid Nuzhdin (Russia) 0:20

13:00          Lunc (1:20)

Conference hall
Chair: Abdurahman Ishankhodjayev (Uzbekistan)
Co-chair: Agnieszka Dąbska (Polland)

14:20          Keynote Lecture Experimental behavior analysis of the controlled low strength material mixed with fly ash and paper ash. Eun Chul Shin (South Korea) 0:20
14:40          Stability analysis of a deep excavation pit of the highspeed rail-link between Cologne and Frankfurt, Germany. Wei Wu (Austria) 0:15
14:55          Water-tightness of the structure of cut-off barriers made of vinyl sheet piles with a soft PVC gasket based on laboratory/ field tests and based on case study of tailings dam facility in Kazakhstan. Jacek Gralewski (Poland) 0:15
15:10          Insight into the Behavior of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Systems. Victor N. Kaliakin (USA) 0:15

15:25          Tour of historical places of Samarkand (3:35)

19:00          Welcome reception

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October 6 Thursday

Conference hall
Chair: Shavkat Abdullaev (Uzbekistan)
Co-chair: Rustam Usmanov (USA)

8:00           Keynote Lecture Bearing Capacity of Footing in Granular Bed over Desiccated non-homogenous Soils Shiva Bhusha. Madhav Madhira (India) 0:15
8:15           Calculation of slab foundation settlement on base reinforced with solid vertical elements. Matvey Nuzhdin (Russia) 0:15
8:30           Improvement of methods of technical diagnostics and assessment of salt corrosion effect on the reinforced concrete spans operation. Nodira Saatova (Uzbekistan) 0:15
8:45           A mechanism of piping in fine soils. Agnieszka Dąbska (Poland) 0:15
9:00           Self-propelled Subsurface FMCW Radar Detector of Low-Depth Objects. Igor Malevich (Belarus) 0:15
9:15           Establishing a correlation between the standard penetration resistance values and the unit weight of soils in Kuwait. Danah Al-Enezi (Kuwait) 0:15
9:30           Pile field numerical calculation method accounting dynamic load history. Viktor Mikhaylov (Russia) 0:15
9:45           Some results of geotechnical monitoring of a residential complex on a sloping territory. Ponomarev A.B (Russia) 0:15

10:00          Coffee break (0:30)

Conference hall
Chair: Hayrullo Hudaynazarov (Uzbekistan)
Co-chair: Jacek Gralewski (Poland)

10:30          Influence of the type of reinforced elastomeric bearings on vibrations of monolithic bridges, based on records of real earthquakes. Ulugbek Shermukhamedov (Uzbekistan) 0:15
10:45          Seismodynamics of an underground pipeline with nonlinear interaction considering static and dynamic pressures. I. Mirzayev (Uzbekistan) 0:15
11:00          Assessment of state of the "Mausoleum of Ishratkhona" structure foundation soils using modern engineering and geophysical technologies. Shavkat Abdullaev (Uzbekistan) 0:15
11:15          Instability and degradation study of an earthen historical rampart from Meknes City, Morocco. M. Rouai (Marocco) 1:15
12:30          Geophysical Prospecting of Contamination Pathways in Zeida Abandoned Mine,Morocco. A. Lachhab (Marocco) 0:15
12:45          Spatial oscillations of a railway bridge under the impact of a real earthquake. Ibrakhim Mirzaev (Uzbekistan) 0:15

13:00          Report and closing Ceremony (0:15)

13:15          Lunch (1:00)

14:15          Tour of historical places of Samarkand (3:50)

19:00          Gala-Dinner

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October 7 Friday

11:20          Departure to Bukhara (from Samarkand train station) 1:30

12:50          Arrival to Bukhara transfer to hotel
12:50          Registration in hotel (0:30)

13:20          Lunch (1:00)

14:20          Transfer to the historic site of Bukhara Madrasa Nodir Devon Begi (4:30)

18:50          Dinner in the historical site and folklore (2:00)

20:50          Transfer to Hotel

October 8 Saturday

8:00           Breakfast at hotel (1:00)

9:00           Transfer to the historic site of Bukhara (5:00)

14:00          Lunch in the historical site Lyabi-Khavuz restaurant (1:00)

15:00          Departure to Samarkand (from Bukhara train station) (1:30)

16:30          Arrival to Samarkand (1:30)

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