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International Scientific Conference “Modelling and Methods of Structural Analysis” is meant to unite researchers, professional experts, professors and academic staff as well as wide range of participants of professional community of the Russian Federation and other countries concerned. The framework of the Conference comprises open and significant discussions regarding the problems of theory and practice of modelling, visualization, and structural analysis based on the advanced scientific and research methods; innovative ideas and approaches to solution of the problems of safety, reliability and efficiency of buildings and structures are to be proposed and discussed; the new possibilities of application and development of cutting-edge computational complexes for solution of scientific and engineering issues of high-tech construction development are to be thoroughly considered.

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Participation format: full-time with oral presentation & full-time with poster report. The format of participation is chosen by the participant and is approved by the Scientific Committee.

International Scientific Conference «Mathematical Modelling and Methods of Structural Analysis 2019» will take place in Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) on November 13-15, 2019. Address: Russia, 129337, Moscow, Yaroslavskoye Shosse – 26.

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Т-воСибГт-в will take part in the Conference «Modelling and Methods of Structural Analysis» with the paper «Methods for subsoil modelling under dynamic impacts and multicomponent damping in SCAD FEA software with geophysical monitoring» Authors: Leonid Nuzhdin, Victor Mikhaylov and Mikhail Voskresenskiy (Number: 261).

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